Christine's Favorite Things of 2018

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I thought I'd do something a little different/fun today and take a page out of Oprah's book and do a "Christine's Favorite Things of 2018" post!

So a lot of the items on this list are things you've all seen before because I've raved about them and use them like, daily. But there are some others things I wanted to share too like the at-home hair dye I use and my salt lamp.

1. COMPUTER MONITOR - I can't say enough good things about this computer monitor!! My husband and I argued in our old house about his desk (with THREE COMPUTER MONITORS... three!!) being ugly and cluttering up our bedroom, and I asked him to get me a monitor I could hook up to my laptop that would fit the aesthetic of my office. Well what does he do but come home with the most gorgeous sleek thin white computer monitor ever and I am so in love with it, it's huge and curved and makes writing blog posts SO MUCH BETTER than doing it on my laptop. If you're in the market for a pc monitor message me because I'd love to rave about this one more to you, lol.

2. LAPTOP - My hubby is really the best - he bought me this laptop as I birthday gift I think last year (?) and it's SO light, compact, easy to travel with, I covered it in stickers lol it has a great battery life and like I said it plus into my computer monitor so I can work more easily from home without having a clunky pc.

3. PETCUBE - When I wasn't working from home David and I would both be out for like 8+ hours a day (dog walker would come by but still) I wanted to keep an eye on the pupper when we were out! David

4. ACRYLIC CHAIR - This is the chair I have at my desk. It fits the clean, white & bright aesthetic of my office perfectly! I drape this fuzzy faux fur over it to make it comfy & cozy

5. FAUX FUR RUG/CHAIR COVER - I take almost all my flatlay photos on this fuzzy rug/chair cover!

6. LEOPARD PILLOW COVER - This also lives on my acrylic chair with the fuzzy rug

7. VANITY MIRROR - This mirror is the best! It's great to travel with because hotel room lighting is always terrible. It lights up and is a great mirror to sit and do your makeup at.

8. PALETTE - I've already raved about this palette here!

9. SALT LAMP -This Himalayan salt lamp gives off such a soothing orange glow. I leave it on sometimes when I sleep when David is out of town because I find it calming. It's supposed to help reduce dust and help alleviate allergy symptoms too!

10. EDUCATED -This young woman's shocking tale is one of the best books of 2018.

11. CONCEALER - I also rave about this here

12. DRY SHAMPOO - I use this almost every day, lol. I only wash my hair two times a week and use dry shampoo the rest of the time. This smells the best and leaves my hair looking fresh and volumized!

13. LIPSTICK - I love pairing this lipstick with this lip pencil

14. EYE SHADOW PALETTE -Highly pigmented, blendable and buildable - the perfect balance of warm and rich tones with shimmery ones

15. TRAVEL SKIN CARE KIT - The BEST! I love that it comes with a cute little pink case and it makes my skin care regimen nice and streamlined because I know exactly what to use and in what order.

16. MINI CANDLES -The best smelling candles!! These make a great gift

17. AT HOME HAIR DYE - I had my hair professionally dyed multiple times this year but it was getting expensive, and we moved away from my favorite stylist (wahh) so I started dying my hair at home. I put this in my conditioner and have had successful results but I always use gloves when I use it and it stains bathrooms so beware! (Hairspray can help get it out of the bathtub!)

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