7 Things to Do Before Spring is Over

Ahh, spring. A post-winter season of new beginnings, opening windows, shedding winter coats and slathering on a much needed tanning lotion to combat that dry (and pale) winter skin. 
With spring each year comes a deep desire within me to start anew – refresh my space, clean out my wardrobe, clear my clutter, and detox my inbox, among other things. 

Summer will be upon us before we know it, my friends. What with Mother’s Day just around the corner, and Father’s Day soon after that, spring’s end (officially, on Friday, June 21, for those of you who really want to know,) will be here sooner than you think.
Embrace every moment of spring while you still can. 

Take a (technology free) walk

It’s so easy these days to be consumed by our phones. We are glued to our screens as though they are life support and we will cease to exist without them. Take a technology break. Go for a walk. (Preferably in nature.) Notice things. Appreciate the colors, sounds, smells, the textures of the grass and trees around you. Mother Nature has miraculous healing properties if only we allow a little more of Her into our lives. 

Rejoice in those beautiful, blooming flowers

Flowers are everywhere at this time of year. There are the most beautiful pink roses near my house and I stop to admire them every time I’m out walking my dog. And you know what? They bring me so much joy. They smell wonderful. They are such a vibrant pink. And perhaps best of all, they look slightly different every time I see them.  

Visit the farmer’s market

Shop local and organic, baby. Buy fruits and veggies that are in season that local farmers have harvested for your enjoyment. Eat those samples, girl! You know you want some! Bring your own bags to be extra eco-friendly. Pick up some flowers for your roomie or yourself while you’re there. 

Cleanse your space

Not sure how to use sage to cleanse your space? Don’t worry, a week ago I didn’t either. Surprisingly, it’s pretty simple. Purchase a bundle of white sage and read this article to get your cleanse on. 

Light some incense or a candle

Post sage cleanse it’s a good idea to light some incense or a candle and open all your windows to get the stagnant air and energy cleared out. This is one of my favorite candles and I bought my incense at Whole Foods.

Open windows

Now that you’ve cleansed your space and lit some incense it’s time to get that air circulating. Out with the old stagnant energy and in with new, revitalizing energy. 

Move your furniture

Don’t just refresh your home by opening a window; change the flow of your physical space by reorganizing your furniture, too. Don’t worry – you don’t have to move around the whole house to feel a sense of accomplishment. Try your bed on a new wall in your room, or change where your sitting chair is in relationship to your couch.

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