Expert Packing Tips for Your Spring Getaway

Packing: the Type A’s dream, the procrastinator’s nightmare. No matter where you fall on the organization spectrum, packing doesn’t have to be painful. Follow these simple tips to make your spring getaway a breeze.

List is king

It sounds obvious, but creating a list is a step people often overlook. When you work from a list you are less likely to forget something important! Create different types of lists in an Excel spreadsheet (i.e. by season, by trip type, etc.) so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you travel.

I’ve created a packing list for a 10 Day Adventure Trip to Hawaii which you can download here!

Check your airline baggage-fee

Most airlines today charge for checked baggage. You’ll want to know what the fee is before you start packing so you can decide if you’re going to carry-on or check a bag for the weekend.

Try your outfits on ahead of time

Another obvious yet often overlooked tip. If you’re pulling out items you haven’t worn in a year, you should probably check to make sure they still fit. Accessorizing and styling an outfit before you go will prevent you from packing nonessential items that will end up unworn on your trip. When you try on your outfits ahead of time, you also end up packing dual-purpose accessories. Rather than packing three belts or hats, you may find you only need one of each.

Photograph your try on session

I always take pictures of my outfits before I go on vacation because it reminds me what looks good and what I want to pair together. You can create an album and reference your outfit photos later to make getting ready much easier.

Roll your clothes

Now that you’ve tried on all your outfits and know what you’re going to wear, roll and pack your clothing by category, i.e. roll and pack your t-shirts in one corner, your shorts in another, etc. Tightly rolled clothing takes up significantly less space than folded items, and they’ll be easier to access when you’re ready for them. Clothes are also less likely to wrinkle when packed this way.

Take something out

If you’re an overpacker like me, it’s usually a good idea to take one or two things out of your suitcase once you think you’re done packing. I usually start with too many clothes and find I don’t miss the one or two items I take out before I zip up my bag.

Carry on wisely

Make sure you’re not squandering valuable real-estate by carrying on a tiny purse. Use a backpack or tote bag to store additional items you need for your trip under your seat or in the over-head compartment.

Pack a spare

Truthfully, I don’t always do this. But if I’m taking a long trip and am checking a bag, I usually make sure to pack a change of clothes in my carryon, in the event my bag gets lost.

Essentials are carried on

Always, always, always carry on valuables and essential items like your laptop, camera, medications, identification, money, jewelry, etc. Don’t tempt fate. Carry on anything super expensive or valuable that could easily be slipped out of your bag.

Invest in minis

It can be a pain to lug around a full set of makeup or hair products. I’ve begun investing in minis of my favorite products to take with me on trips so I don’t have to try to pack an entire shampoo bottle in my luggage. 

Shop the best travel minis here:

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