25 Things for 25 Years: Part 2

13. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

14. Infatuation is not love.

15. Paths have uncanny ways of unfolding. Don't lose hope. Your struggle is worth it. Keep on going.

16. Your pain will teach you something.

17. Forgiveness is more difficult than hating.

18. Tune out the excess noise when you find yourself getting lost.

19. It's okay to ask for help. Learn to differentiate between the times you need to ask others for help and the times you need to help yourself.

20. Recognize the strength within you. Keep conquering small challenges so you continue to grow your confidence and mastery.

21. Don't give up on the people or things that you truly love. Hold on to them and stand up for them when someone threatens them.

22. Have a hero, whether fictional, alive, or dead.

23. The combination of steps in your path are likely unique, but the steps you are taking are often not.  You're not as alone as you think.

24. Examine what it is that makes you trust or distrust someone.

25. Don't forget to renew your car registration, update your address with the DMV, and pay your parking tickets and bills on time ;)

To see the first half of this list, read 25 Things for 25 Years: Part 1 here. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve ;) Thanks as always for reading!