Tips & Tricks: Vision Board

Hi everyone, happy Monday!

Today I'm sharing pictures of a vision board I created with a friend. Now, there are lots of ways to make a vision board. Maybe you want to paste pictures of things you hope to have in your future. Maybe you want to paste inspirational images and words of who you strive to be and what you hope to accomplish. For this project I really focused on just breathing, being, and allowing myself to choose images that spoke to me from a nonjudgmental standpoint. When I let go of judgment and let my eyes and heart guide my choices, I really loved what my board ended up looking like.

To create your vision board you'll need:
- A canvas or thick paper
- Scissors
- Modge Podge (or glue)
- Foam Brush
- Magazines
- Anything else creative that you want on your board: sequins, ribbon, photographs, etc.
- Perhaps you want a pen to write things

 If you use Modge Podge, you can put a light coat on the canvas where you intend to place your image, and then a light coat on top if you want to seal it or create a glossy or matte look. You also don't have to put a top coat on if you don't want to. 

 You may want to have a variety of magazines so that your images vary. I used primarily fashion magazines but also magazines that included images of nature and food. 

This was my end result! 

I love this project because it is fairly quick, easy, and fun. Here is my canvas hanging in my bedroom:

I hope you enjoyed this week's tips & tricks! Thanks, as always, for reading!

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