Burlap Wreath

Today I'm going to share with you how to make a burlap wreath in two tones, with a bow! My roommate taught me how to make these and they are so cute to make and give as gifts for the holidays. Here's what the final result looks like:

What you'll need:
Wreath frame
Burlap ribbon in two colors
Glue gun
Glue for the glue gun
Ribbon or twine (for hanging the final product)

To start:
Hook the end of the red burlap ribbon around the top of the wire frame. Make a loop through the top and the bottom of the frame. Hold in place. Then hook the end of the brown burlap ribbon on the wire frame and make a loop through the middle. You will continue to make loops (red loops through the top and bottom, brown burlap through the middle) and squish them close together as you go.

It should start to look like this:

Once you get in the groove of making loops and squishing them together as you go, you should be able to make a wreath in about 20 minutes.

To make the bow:
There are a number of ways you can do this. I took a smaller piece of red burlap and made two loops together. I then took a skinnier piece of burlap to wrap around and secure the middle of the bow. Super glue these pieces together and allow them to dry. Then glue the bow to the wreath.

Finally, super glue a piece of ribbon or twine to the back of the wreath so you can hang it. Allow time for it to dry, and then you have the finished product!

I hope you have fun making these great gifts!

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