Glitter Cards DIY

Good morning everyone, and happy Wednesday! Today we're talking handmade glitter cards. 

Emily Schuman, author of Cupcakes and Cashmere and one of my favorite bloggers, has done a couple of posts on how to make handmade cards, i.e the one here, which inspired today's blog post. 

I love the idea of using glitter to make a festive card, and what better timing than now with Christmas and New Year's around the corner? Below are some of the cards I made using glue and glitter.
(There is also a very large reject pile... Writing with glue is NOT easy!!)

I purchased two packs of A2 cards, one in white and one in ivory, Studio Gold Tape by Teresa Collins (which I LOVE,) Scotch Super Glue, and Turbo Tacky Glue at JoAnn Fabrics. Then I drew on the cards with glue and sprinkled glitter on top. I found the tacky glue was easier to use than the super glue, at least once I got the hang out it. Drawing or writing with glue is kind of what I imagine cake decorating to be like. Once I loosened up a bit, and squeezed the tube high enough above the card that the glue didn't clump together, the process became much easier. Once they dry they're ready for sending or even just framing to put around the house. 

This one is my favorite:

A close second:
I found I really like the way that mixing the glitter together looks!!

Here's all of the cards I made together:

These two would be cute for New Year's:

Anyway it was a fun and fairly simple project although I definitely need to order a fine glue pen so the writing is prettier and easier. I also recommend having a trash bag handy so you can spill the glitter onto it.

Next time I will have a fine glue pen. Then I may make a 12-pack to actually package for a friend and give as a cute stationery gift. 

What DIY projects do you love? 

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