LA Favorites: Date Night

Hello, everyone! Happy Tuesday! I had a very busy weekend of moving into my new apartment (!!!) and I'm so excited to share pictures with you very soon. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today I want to share with you date spots that SH and I love here in LA. There are so many wonderful things to do in LA, and many of these things are great if you have family or friends visiting, too. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Fritto Misto (locations in Santa Monica and Hermosa)
    I love the food at Fritto Misto, plain and simple. I like both locations, though they have different vibes. The Santa Monica restaurant feels more hip and trendy, whereas in Hermosa it feels more family friendly. Both are great options for a date, however, because both are small enough in size that the meal has an intimate and romantic feel. You may want to avoid going at peak times because there's usually a wait. The Atomic Pasta is a favorite dish of ours.

2. Urth Caffe
     This is where SH and I had our first date! There are a number of locations, but the Santa Monica location is special to us. Grab a coffee and hit the beach for a unique twist on a regular ol' coffee date.

3. The Second City 
     I took Improv I and II here so it's special to me, but it's also a great place to let loose and have a few laughs on a date! Check their schedule for funny shows playing in Hollywood. Parking is kind of a nightmare so leave enough time to park before the show. Also, bring quarters (it's mostly metered parking.)

4. Griffith Observatory 
     Griffith should definitely be high on your list of places to go if you're visiting LA and into doing the tourist thing. It's also a great spot for a date because it can be very romantic going in the evening and looking at the stars. It's also nice to just sit in the grass with a picnic and admire the Hollywood sign!

5. The Greek Theater
     Definitely a must see when you're in LA. Probably for a more special occasion or event since tickets can be pricey, but if you find an artist or show you want to see, it's definitely worth every penny. Parking can be a bear though, so bring your patience and deep breathing techniques with you. SH and I saw Prairie Home Companion here and it was a blast. Honestly, I don't think there are any bad seats in this place.

6. The California Science Center
     Science! I've seen the Endeavor I think 4 times now? Everyone who comes to visit me in LA wants to see it. It's also a fun date spot if you want to let loose and run around like a kid for a couple of hours, playing with gadgets and pressing buttons.

7. The Beach Cities
     Favorite date spots include Manhattan Beach Creamery (the cookie sandwiches are to die for!) Pitfire Pizza, and just walking along the strand or the various piers (Hermosa if you want a rowdier crowd and a few beers, Manhattan if you want to take a nice stroll by the water. Watch the hills though, the main street in Manhattan is basically a San Francisco sized hill.)

8. The Stinking Rose
     SH and I went here for our anniversary last year. It's uber romantic and the food is divine. We told them it was our anniversary and they brought out garlic clove hats and took our picture, too. So fun! A little $$ so I recommend it for a special occasion.

9. The Misfit
     Dimly lit, with a prohibition vibe (don't you think??) This is one of my favorite bars in LA. It can get loud and packed, but I love the decor and the food ain't so bad either. The surf and turf nik nik is my favorite.

10. Point Vicente Lighthouse 
     Check out some photos we snapped here. Go at sunset because the view is breathtaking.

11. USC for the LA Times Festival of Books
     Live music, dancing, books, author readings, book signings, comedy, radio, what more could you ask for? Go early before all the parking is gone.

12. The Movies
     Watching movies is a favorite pastime, so basically I'm always down to eat popcorn and watch something.

13. Picnic in the Park (any park near you!)
     'Nuff said!

14. Night In
     Sometimes you just need to take it easy and relax. Making tea, reading a book and laying on the couch are other great ways to spend time together and have a date night in.

15. PF Changs
     I have to laugh because this is a huge chain, but SH loooves the food here! He will request it sometimes when it's my turn to treat.

Runner Up:
The Phoenix 
     We don't go to bars that often (more like, we never go to bars) but we met friends here for happy hour once and it was just a cool spot. Very cool vibe. Hipster-y. I liked the decor. I would go back.

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