January Recap

Hi everyone! These posts might be kind of boring to you because it's really just a recap of my month... But basically this will be a new series that catches any monthly activities or outings that maybe didn't make the initial blog cut (aka I didn't have a camera ready) or fell through the cracks. My hope with these posts is that I will continue to document my life so I don't forget all the amazing things that I get to do and see and share with the people I love! My hope is also that you may find a thing or two on here that you want to try or do. So, let's get started!

January was a bit of a whirlwind. With getting my new place organized, being gone on the weekends, trying to get back in a groove after a long vacation and getting over being sick, I felt like I was running, running, running (but in a good way!)

January highlights included:

- Camping (twice!!) with SH. We went to Jalama Beach (which you can read about here) and Jawbone open area with friends. I never got around to doing a post about the Christmas Tree Burn which was prettyyy epic... Maybe some pictures will end up on here sometime... Christmas Tree Burn is when you get together an obscene amount of Christmas trees and friends for a post Christmas bonfire and ride dirt bikes and ATVs and wreak havoc and just enjoy the desert. Jawbone is an open space that has inspired my inner 6th grader to get a dirt bike and channel the girl from the 2001 Disney original movie "Motocrossed" (yeah.. you know the one!) So stay tuned for that to happen.
- A colleague/friend's going away party at work. I'm so proud and excited for her! Congrats Megan!
- Dinner with a friend at The Rockefeller which I really enjoyed. I like the ambiance though it was a bit loud inside the restaurant. We opted to sit on the patio which was perfect. I had the braised short rib tacos (delicious.) We swiped through her Tinder app while chatting and drinking wine. It was pretty great.
- Cookie Con with SH which I wrote about here. Yummy treats, what can I say?
- Taking SH to Wicked- the best! The Pantages is so cool. Do you have any more theaters in LA to recommend?
- Watching Band of Brothers (we just finished episode 5.)

And now it's February! Good grief! I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl (though I was sad the Seahawks lost, poor Pete, although who am I kidding I don't really care about football that much.) What did you think about Katy Perry's performance? I really liked the dancing/smiling palm trees and the singing sharks. That was definitely the highlight for me.

Have a great week!

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