Bloggiversary: My Year in Trips

Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, my 1 year bloggiversary is coming up this May. It's made me nostalgic for 2014 and all the wonderful things I got to do and see. I'm thankful for the year that I turned 25, the new friends I made, the friendships that were strengthened, and the milestones I hit like beginning my career in Higher Education.

2014 was also a year of travel. In May SH and I went to Santa Barbara to visit my favorite ranch and go horseback riding. Then I went to Sonoma for the first time with girlfriends over Memorial Day Weekend to go wine tasting (yum!) In June I went to NYC to visit my elementary school besties (going on 17 years of friendship!) and saw Orlando Bloom and Sophia Copolla on my flights there and back. In July SH and I visited Seattle for my second annual birthday trip (I turned 25.) Then in August we went on a friend camping trip to Big Sur. In October I went to Illinois for the first time, and saw SH's home and Chicago. Then last but not least, in December SH and I went to Big Basin for the day to admire the redwoods. 

I don't think I'll get to travel nearly that much in 2015, but here's to a year of visiting new places and having fun. 

What do you hope 2015 has in store? Do you have any fun trips planned this year?

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