Packing for My Weekend Ski Trip

Hi friends! I am leaving for Utah today to go skiing this weekend. I have never excelled at snow sports. In fact, I've had a series of negative experiences with ski resorts. I got left behind on a skiing group lesson once, another time I sped down a bunny hill because I didn't know the different between "pizza" and "french fries" yet but the instructors asked to just "go down it" so they could see what lesson group I belonged in "uhhh... BEGINNER, I PROMISE YOU SIR!" *sigh* so I crashed into someone (coulda seen that one coming.) I finally stopped because that person leapt in front of me to catch me. I mean, who thought telling me to "just go" was a good idea??

But the one that takes the cake is the time I went to Tahoe once with an ex-boyfriend over Valentine's Day weekend. He tried to teach me how to snowboard - it went badly - and he broke up with me on the trip.

So! Needless to say I haven't had the best snow sport experiences to date! Remembering all those stories makes me feel like I should be nervous for this trip, but hey, worst comes to worst I will take photos all weekend and blog from the nice toasty lodge!

I packed last night and thought it would be good to make a ski weekend packing list. Here's what I packed:

- ski socks (2)
- snow boots
- long underwear (top, bottoms - 2 pairs)
- ski pants
- T shirt to ski in (2)
- ski jacket
- ski hat
- scarf
- ski gloves
- ski goggles
- mittens
- top to change into after a day on the mountain (2)
- long sleeve shirt
- jeans (2)
- converse
- sweater
- sweatshirt
- pjs
- toiletries
- chargers/ electronics (kindle, laptop, phone)
- sketchbook
- pencil
- book
- wallet
- make up essentials
- brush
- undergarments
- hair dryer
- jewelry
- lotion

I think that's about it! Can you think of anything I've forgotten? Wish me luck!

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