5 Lovely Links

Hi everyone, and happy Monday! I hope you all had a restful weekend. (Between sleeping over 12 hours Friday night and napping some more on Saturday, I certainly did.) Here are five cool things I want to share with you all today:

1. Elementary. I know that Game of Thrones is all the rage right now, what with the new season starting and all, (I love GoT too,) but Elementary is something I can literally binge watch for 7 hours straight and not feel like I've wasted my life. In fact, I feel great afterwards. It's so relaxing and Lucy Lui and Jonny Lee Miller have such great on screen chemistry and banter - I wish the characters were real you guys! I wish they were real! I am on the last disc of the second season and I am so sad because you can't buy the third season on DVD yet... What am I to do?

2. My friend Marissa's adorable stationary, planners, notepads etc. (I am patiently waiting for the 6-month planner to be in stock!) Check out her website Design Love Co. here.

3. This amazing-looking Zucchini Frittata (the prettiest photos!) from my friend Carissa's blog. See the recipe and post here.

4. Ummm who can't WAIT for this movie to come out?!

5. "Parties will be irrelevant"
     "I just want to live"

Have a great day everyone!

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