11 Last Minute Memorial Day Ideas

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week so far. Can you believe it's May 6th already?? I can't believe how fast 2015 is flying by. It's going to be summer before we know it. Like many of us, I treasure three day weekends, but sometimes I just can't get a trip together in time. If you're anything like me, at this point you've already combed over,,,,, (you name it,) with little to no luck. (I want to do something that won't break the bank.) Planning a trip last minute can be exacerbating. But long weekends are supposed to be fun, remember?

Here are 11 last minute Memorial Day ideas that I hope help you feel less stressed about the weekend. You can still have a great weekend even if you're staying in town, or just taking a trip for the day!

11 Last Minute Memorial Day Ideas

1. Host a barbeque. 
Invite all your friends that are staying in town (there's probably a lot more than you think!) and throw a backyard barbeque. Red Solo Cups, hamburgers and hot dogs, chips and dip, great music and great company- what could be better?

2. Take a road trip.
Depending on where you live you want to be wary of holiday weekend traffic. But is there somewhere close by (or not) that you've always wanted to visit? Hop in the car (early,) pack some snacks and your camera and see what you end up discovering!

3. Host a board game night.
Game nights are one of my favorite things to do with friends. Favorites of mine include Taboo, Cards Against Humanity, Bang, and the Fish Bowl Game. 

4. Host a potluck. 
Similar to hosting a barbeque but have everyone bring a dish of their choice! You could whip up quick and easy guacamole - see it here.

5. Have a picnic.
Pull out the ol' picnic blanket, grab a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, salami, sandwiches and head to the local park. 

6. Head to the beach.
We are lucky enough to live within biking distance of the beach, so we will probably bike at some point during the weekend rather than facing the beach traffic/parking mayhem. 

7. Go bowling.
This is a great evening activity!

8. Do a pub crawl.
Make a local pub map and send it to all your friends. Let them know where you're starting and see who shows up at which bars!

9. Go to a drive in movie.
I've never been to one of these but I hear they are pretty fun. 

10. Ride bikes.
I love bike riding! Memorial Day is a great excuse to dig out your bike and go for a ride in the sunshine.

11. Camp in your backyard.
Bummed you didn't make camping reservations in time? Try pitching a tent in your own backyard. Act like you're away from home and bring flashlights, sleeping bags, camping gear etc. The great thing is you get to use indoor plumbing. :)

What about you, what are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend? What do you think of this list?

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