DIY Chalkboard Frame: < $10

What you'll need:
- dollar store frame
- chalkboard paint
- foam brush

- remove glass from frame
- paint glass with one coat of blackboard paint with foam brush
- allow time to dry (at least one hour)
- apply second coat
- allow time to dry (at least one hour)
- put glass back in frame and voila!

Over the weekend I decided to create a DIY chalkboard out of a dollar store frame. I went to the local Dollar Tree and bought a $1 frame. Then I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and bought Plaid Chalkboard Paint (it looks like this). It was the last bottle they had in stock and it was actually slightly cracked open, (it looked like someone got curious and took a peek but didn't use any of it.) Because it was a damaged product, they gave me 50% off, so it ended up being like $4. (Yay!) So for me this project cost about $5. But the paint can run between $6-$8 so normally it would be a $10 and under craft :)

DIY chalkboard frame. Super easy. Takes about 2 hours (including drying time.) A fun, easy and cheap way to spruce up any home! Place on your counter or hang on your wall to leave cute messages!

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