How to Cut a Watermelon Like a Pro

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed a BBQ with friends, quite a few movies, and some quality r & r. One of my favorite things about summer is that watermelon is in season!! Ever wondered how to cut watermelon like a pro? Check out the photos below for a play by play of what to do to easily slice your watermelon into bite sized cubes. 

Cut your watermelon in half.

Halve the half.

Halve each half again.

Hold the left side still with your hand. Make sure that your fingers are never in the path of the blade (including the back of the watermelon in case you accidentally cut through it!) Begin slicing the right side. Ensure the blade end reaches, but does not cut all the way through, the white part of the rind toward the back. You will make four or five cuts like this spaced evenly down the face of the watermelon.

 It should start to look something like this.

Do the same thing on the opposite side spacing four or five cuts down the face of the watermelon.

 It should look like this.

Once you have sliced long ways, slice the top of the watermelon to form small cubes. Space cuts throughout the entire spine of the watermelon until it is fully cubed.

Notice how the cuts go into the white part of the rind, but not all the way through into green. (Every cut you make should be like this throughout the entire procedure.)

Tip the watermelon over a large bowl and voila! The cubes will start to fall.

Cut out any stragglers and you're done!

Enjoy! For the best taste, pop it in the fridge!

As with any chopping or cutting in the kitchen, make sure to take the appropriate safety precautions. If you don't get this right the first time, keep trying :)

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