Christmas Gift Guide $100 and Under

Happy Friday lovelies!! It's December and I'm so excited because it's only 23 days until Christmas! I have my Christmas countdown blocks up on my desk at work and we decorated the office and it feels so festive and fun!

I'm going to be doing a series of gift guides at different price points over the coming weeks, $100 and under, $50 and under, $25 and under, etc. While this time of year isn't about presents, it can feel really good to give a thoughtful gift to someone you love.

Here are some ideas to help you get started!

I love the unique Monogram Glass Terrarium  for someone who loves succulents and plants, and how cute and cozy is that North Face fleece jacket? I've had my North Face fleeces literally for ten years (I got them in high school) and they are still in excellent condition. They are expensive but will last you a long time. A lot of the colors/sizes are selling out but this print is really cute and still available!

I asked my boyfriend for the Love Code Charm Necklace - it has a "secret message" on it - you have to spin it to be able to read the message. How sweet is that? Something about it is really romantic :)

Also I'm a sucker for boots, and I was really excited when I saw these are 25% off! They're normally $100 but they're on sale for $75! Woohoo! I love sales!

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