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 Striped sweater | Lace up sweater | Jeans: AG | Boots: Ralph Lauren | Blanket scarf: Nordstrom

Happy October!! I'm excited to be cozying up in sweaters and boots!! The weather is finally turning here in Seattle and I'm happy to be drinking PSLs again :)

Since I work a 9-5 job It's really important for me to have clothes I can wear to work that also double as something cute to wear on the weekend. This striped sweater is on sale for $28 and is available in in three colors. It's great because I can wear it to work with slacks, or pair it with jeans and a blanket scarf when my fiance and I are hanging out on the weekend!

Fewer and fewer items in my closet are "weekend only" wear -- cue this lace up sweater that I could never wear to work but that was too special to pass up :) Lace up is really "in" right now and I love a good burgundy for fall!

Tobi is a great place to get the best of both worlds -- work and weekend wear! Head to their site to see what cute items they have in store for this new season.

Thank you to Tobi for sponsoring this post.

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